Market Basket, a place where it’s good to work

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Market Basket Recognized As “Employer of the Year” By Down Syndrome Organization


WORCESTER, MA — The Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress recently named Market Basket as its “Employer of the Year,” praising the chain’s inclusive hiring process.

The award was presented to Market Basket at the Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress’s 32nd Annual Conference at the DCU Center in Worcester on Saturday, March 19.

“Market Basket, the Massachusetts-based supermarket chain, has long had a reputation of treating its 25,000 employees fairly, with good pay, benefits and working conditions,” said MDSC Communications Director Josh Komyerov, prior to handing out the award. “What is less well known is that Market Basket’s commitment to fairness and quality of life extends of people in the [Down Syndrome] community, who have historically been excluded entirely from the American economy… Market Basket has created an environment which is mutually beneficial for the company and its employees with Down Syndrome.”

Philip Donahue, a 20-year Market Basket employee with Down Syndrome and a member of the MDSC Self Advocate Advisory Council member, assisted Komyerov with the introduction.  Donahue called Market Basket “the best place to work for” and stressed that he “loves his bosses.”  “I’m not just a bagger there,” noted Donahue, “I’m a customer services assistant.”

Market Basket managers Dan Riley and and Gary Sessa were present to accept the award.

“At Market Basket, we believe that no one associate is more important than the other. Ever associate plays an intricate role in serving our customers.  We work together as a team. Together, everyone achieves more,” said Market Basket manager Dan Riley.  “We are honored to have the Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress as part of the Market Basket team.”


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