Gabi Angelini will have her coffee shop in North Carolina

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Gabi Angelini

Gabi Angelini, a 20-year-old with Down syndrome, is about to become the proud owner of North Carolina’s latest coffee shop.

« When people drink my coffee, they’ll get a warm hug, » Gabi said. « Oh yeah, I’m a hugger. »

Gabi’s journey to owning her own coffee shop began when she graduated high school and found it was especially difficult to get hired.

« Last summer, I was trying to get a job but they didn’t hire me because I have a disability, » Gabi said.

While she already held a part time job as a bagger at a local grocery store, Gabi said it was hard for her to pick up extra shifts or get hired for a full-time position.

Gabi also began noticing that her friends, who also suffer from physical and mental disabilities, were also having difficulty finding jobs.

« That just solidified that if I want her to be successful, we’re going to have to make it happen, » said her mom, Mary Angelini. « I do feel that kids with disabilities are misunderstood. I think they just need to be given a chance. »

From a young age, Gabi has dreamed of opening a restaurant, but her mom suggested they tackle a smaller project first, like coffee and baked goods.

« She said, ‘Let’s do it,' » Mary recalled.

From there, Gabi’s Grounds came to life, and the soon-to-be business owner imagines hiring all her friends to work with her, and host events like karaoke nights and dance parties.

« We’re going to have a fun time together and sing and dance a lot, » Gabi said.


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