Their dad comes round every week for a cup of tea

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John and Eric are loving life in their very own home

By Deanna Coult, Volunteer Storyteller

John and Eric Pearson, both 51, recently moved into their own home, having lived with their parents or in respite for all of their lives.


The brothers are loving life in their own home

When John and Eric’s parents were no longer able to support them in the family home, they hoped that with the right support, their sons could continue to lead happy and fulfilling lives in a home of their very own.

With support from Dimensions, the Sheffield-born brothers are enjoying living their lives to the full.

“They seem to be thriving” said Lisa, a part of the small Dimensions team who help to support the brothers in their new home.”

“We were shocked at how adaptable John and Eric were, moving into their own place and away from the structure they were so used to, and they continue to surprise us each day.

“They both got to choose how to decorate the house too, I think they’re proud of their home, and their dad comes round every week for a cup of tea, that’s really nice.

“They each love to do all sorts of activities, they’ve been really eager to try things that they have never done before, they especially love to bake in the kitchen.

“Eric’s also started to make his own packed lunch ready for day centre, that’s something he’s never done before.

“They’re a brilliant pair, they’re both really funny and a pleasure to support and it’s amazing to watch them continue to grow as individuals in their new home.”

The pair are planning to enjoy their first summer holiday together in Skegness this summer with the support of two Dimensions staff.

Following a recent cinema trip to watch The Greatest Showman, John and Eric have been inspired by the theatre and have decided on how to spend their birthday this year, with a trip to watch Shrek the Musical in March.

John and Eric transitioned into their new home with the help of Dimensions. They continue to be supported by a small Dimensions team who are on hand to ensure that the pair can lead happy, independent and fulfilling lives in a home of their own.





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