Grandparents celebrating their relationships with their grandchildren with Down syndrome

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Celebrating grandparents #InclusionMatters

During Down’s Syndrome Awareness Week 2018 we shared a series of blogs written by grandparents celebrating their relationships with their grandchildren. Read all the blogs…

Resources for Grandparents

Tea at Grandma’s – the third book in the Looking Up series published by the Cornwall Down’s Syndrome Group (CDSSG) 

In collaboration with Helen Laverty & Positive Choices Network, CDSSG have created “Tea at Grandma’s” which focuses on the important role of the often unsung heroes that are the grandparents, who can have “double the worry” for their own child and for their grandchild when a diagnosis of Down’s syndrome is given.

It’s now available to preorder for £3.99 (incl free UK mainland postage) and will be published on World Down’s Syndrome Day 2018.

Down’s Syndrome: Grandparents Chat UK – Closed Facebook group

Launched just two months ago, this Facebook group is exclusively for grandparents of children/young people with Down’s syndrome to share experiences and offer peer support.

If you would like to join visit the group page and click the ‘Join group’ button at the top.

The cover of one of our publications - Down's syndrome: A leaflet for friends & familyDown’s syndrome: A leaflet for friends & family

This leaflet has been written to give you basic information about Down’s syndrome, to provide some tips about supporting the new parents and to highlight further sources of information.

Click here to download the leaflet or give us a call on 0333 1212 300 to request a copy.


Down’s syndrome: Your questions answered

This document goes into a little more detail about the condition. Although every child with Down’s syndrome is different, this document explains how the condition might affect your grandchild.

You can download a copy here or call us and we’ll put one in the post to you.


Celebrating Our Lives, Our Stories and our YouTube channel

Our Celebrating Our Lives document profiles nineteen very different young adults with Down’s syndrome and gives you a window into what their lives are like. You’ll find a pdf version on our website here.

The Our Stories section of our website includes stories from people with Down’s syndrome of all ages and you’ll find a whole range of inspiring films on our YouTube channel.



Lastly, here’s a little treat, courtesy of Daily Dose of Bella on Facebook . Bella recently had a starring role in a McCain’s advert with her Grandma and younger brother:


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