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The Real Dumping Ground My Life


Actor Ruben, who plays Finn in The Dumping Ground, goes to Moldova to find out what life is like there for children who are born with disabilities.


Ruben has always known that he’s a little different to other children, but he definitely doesn’t let that stop him doing anything. At 16, Ruben is a successful actor (he plays Finn in the Dumping Ground) and an accomplished sports person. He has high hopes for the future.

But eight million children across the world with disabilities like him live in institutions away from their families simply because of their disability. Ruben cannot imagine being taken away from his family – the conditions they’re living in are a lot worse than Finn’s in The Dumping Ground. He’s devastated at the thought of these children being forced to live in orphanages.

We follow Ruben as he heads off to Moldova to see the situation for himself. Ruben’s journey takes him to meet Daniel, Victoria and Cesara who spent their formative years in an orphanage. Hearing about how horrible they were, Ruben plucks up the courage to go and see one for himself. On his arrival at the orphanage, Ruben meets Costa, a boy with Down’s syndrome who was abandoned by his parents and is now living in the orphanage for boys. Although Ruben sees that there is some progress in Moldova with the opening of inclusive schools and group homes, he leaves Moldova firmly believing that more needs to be done to help these children.


Here is the short movie (available only in UK).





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