Joint efforts allowed Karen to attend a family reunion

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Creative support allows Karen to attend her first family wedding

By Charlotte Brazier, Volunteer Storyteller


Karen thoroughly enjoyed the day

Thanks to a great display of teamwork between our staff and members of a lady we support’s family, Karen was able to attend her first ever family wedding late last year.

It all started with an unexpected phone call from across the country.

During his 20-year career at Dimensions, assistant locality manager David Kushar has provided short-term respite for many families and the people we support at Newton House in Bath.

But this request was a little different than most and it posed some real challenges.

“Karen’s sister rang us up as she was desperate for Karen to attend a family wedding in their local area,” said David.

“Due to Karen’s complex needs, she required support to travel, plus somewhere to stay. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but I was excited to help.”

Over the next six months David, alongside colleagues Tracey Clark and Sandra Lord, built up a great relationship with Karen’s family and lead support staff Tracey Clark and Sandra Lord to finalise the steps needed for her 150-mile journey from Kent.

It was also necessary to organise tailored care at the short-term respite service to make sure Karen was prepared for such a long trip.

“Karen was amazing from the start,” David said. “When she arrived at the train station with her support worker, it was incredible to see all of our hard work had paid off.”

After settling in, Karen attended her sister’s wedding before spending a day at the pub with her family.

After, she was taken back to the station for the journey home with one extra item in her suitcase: a huge smile.

David added: “Her family have told us that she had a fantastic time, and it is so wonderful to have been a part of this.”


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