Life stories of children and adults with Down’s syndrome

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About Down’s Syndrome : Stories

Children and adults with Down’s syndrome are all unique individuals with our own personalities, family backgrounds and preferences that make us who we are.

Here are some of our life stories…

  • What I want people to know about me

  • Angharad and Flora our friends from school and Brownies

    Angharad and Flora (film)

  • Natty and Ella go swimming together

    Natty and Ella (film)

  • Down's syndrome

    Joseph and Jason (film)

  • Laurie and Austin are sister and brother, and Gwenan and Mari are their cousins

    Laurie, Austin, Gwenan & Mari (film)

  • The members of the SNAP group pose for their picture

    Jess and Natalie (film)

  • Chris and Rob (film)

  • Down's syndrome

    Emma and Parker (film)

  • Down's syndrome

    Jenny, Prem & Hiten (film)

  • Down's syndrome

    Tessy (film)

  • Down's syndrome

    Beth (film)

  • Amy (film)

  • Down's syndrome

    Barnaby (film)


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