Businesses owned by people, family or allies of Individuals with Down syndrome

As said on CDSS Twitter post: « Starting your holiday shopping today? Consider this: a comprehensive list of Down Syndrome Owned Businesses, that is: businesses owned by people, family or allies of Individuals with Down syndrome ».

To read on A Day in the Life with Down Syndrome website:

Supporting Down Syndrome Owned Businesses


supporting companies owned by people with Down syndrome and/or allies of our community

There is no such thing as “Down Syndrome Owned Businesses” of course; this was for internet search and easy-recognition purposes. This list focuses on businesses which have items available for sale online. There are no affiliate links in this post, which means it’s a complete labor of love.

Supporting Businesses with a Connection to Down Syndrome; “Down Syndrome Owned Businesses”

Our Down syndrome community is close-knit. Oh, we squabble on social media and have tiffs here and there, but we also have each other’s backs something fierce. When we have questions about IEP’s or band together to seek out solutions or justice, there is no stopping us.

We also like to support each other.

Here’s a guide with links and information that will help us in supporting businesses with a connection to Down syndrome.

The sections have been categorized: businesses that are owned by individuals with Down syndrome, businesses that are owned by family members of an individual with Down syndrome, and companies that do great work in hiring individuals with Down syndrome.

businesses owned by an individual with down syndrome: image of a woman with down syndrome sitting, chin in hand, with legs crossed.

1. Businesses that are run by individuals with Down syndrome

This means that the product is made by the individual with Down syndrome and the store is run largely through their own efforts.


Moira’s Ventures: Activist Moira Rossi set up a business in which she sells programs training other adults with Down syndrome in self-advocacy. I’m blown away.


Allie ArtAllie Art: Holy Mother of WOW! Allie’s art is gorgeous! Vibrant, color-rich and reasonably-priced. She has jewelry, too.


Designs by Lupita

Dynamic, popping stuff: really lovely. Lupita has prints and more for sale on her site.


Oliver HellowellOliver Hellowell Photography

Gorgeous photos. Lots of nature-shots.


Da Bomb,” Bath Bombs by Morgan Tibbens: Outstanding variety of “bath bombs” (these things you put into the bath to make your experience there something fragrantly divine.


b9ff6f5724f3fb413c5c1cd294a635d5Christian Royal Pottery:

Gorgeous, gorgeous pottery. Those leaves?! The designs? Brilliant! I think his slogan should be, “Stoneware with Impeccable Charm.”


snow-in-norway-4Tazia Fawley: She makes cut-outs and paintings that are simply vibrant and bursting with energy. She is also the famous artist who gave Prince George one of her paintings, which was displayed in his nursery.


Geoffrey Mikol has an outstanding online shop, Riverbend Galleries, with images that he takes. Photos, calendars and more.



Businesses owned by family of an individual with down syndrome

2. Small businesses that are run by family and allies of the of individuals with Down syndrome


businesses with great track records of hiring individuals with down syndrome

3. Businesses with great track records for hiring individuals with Down syndrome

Ever want to know what businesses have a good track record with disability?

That is, that recruit, hire and retain employees with disabilities, that support accommodation and more?

Check out Return on Disability’s 2016 Annual Report.

They have deeply analyzed almost every aspect of employment and disability within major firms, and make it easy for you to decide where you want your money to go.

Added to that, they cover both the United States and Canada.

Diversity Inc also has a list (far less comprehensive): Top 10 Companies for People with Disabilities.
Focusing specifically on our (Down syndrome) community is a little trickier and requires more analysis and research than I can reasonably accomplish in the near future. Instead, I’ll give you the results from the Facebook Hive.
According to The Hive, here are big companies that are doing well in hiring people with Down syndrome:
  • Trader Joes
  • Publix
  • Walgreens
  • CVS


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