A gold medal for Nigel

Note: In the UK, the term of ‘Learning disability’ is used instead of ‘Intellectual disability’.

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Special Olympics stars beat thousands of contestants to win top medals

06-Sep-17   Article By: Michaela Mildenhall

Two residents at a care home in Lockerbie have won a trio of medals at this summer’s Special Olympics in Sheffield, competing against over 2,700 other contestants.

One hundred metres champion Richard and long jumper and shot put enthusiast Nigel, both took away gold, silver and bronze medals between them, with Nigel achieving his own personal best at shot put.


Nigel showing off his Gold medal/ Credit: Danshell Group

Both athletes are residents at Trinity House in Lockerbie, a residential home that cares for adults with learning disabilities. Both men are known in the home for being sports enthusiasts, attending a gym twice a week with the home’s activity coordinators.

Kirsty Dale, service manager at Trinity House, said: “Making sure that the people we support live as independent and fulfilling lives as possible is the most important thing we can do. A huge part of this is enabling people to set their own goals and achieve them, as Richard and Nigel have done.”

The Special Olympics programme features 28 sports over summer and winter, which are designed to help people like Richard and Nigel realise their full potential and achieve something for themselves.

There are an estimated there are 1.5 million children and adults with an intellectual disability in Great Britain, according to the Mental Health Foundation. It’s also the most common disability in the UK and is predicted to grow by 14 per cent by 2021.

The games aim to encourage those who have learning disabilities to focus on the physical, and to get out into the community and develop their interests and passion for sport.

According to the Special Olympics website “participating in sports helps people with intellectual disability become more confident, become active citizens and learn important physical and emotional life skills. For our athletes, excellence is personal achievement, a reflection of reaching one’s maximum potential – it is a goal to which everyone can aspire.”


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