Three speakers with Down Syndrome

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Speaking at the Tell It Right® Start It Right training days


The Down’s Syndrome Association has a long history of involving its members in the organisation, both in its day to day running and also in planning our future activities.

Since the beginning of the Tell It Right® Start It Right campaign we have invited people with Down’s syndrome to speak at our training events to share their stories. This is always a highly valued part of the study days and the learning experience that the delegates take away is the most memorable.

We can’t thank the speakers enough for their support in the Tell It Right® training. We asked some of the speakers to explain why they want to be involved in the Tell It Right® training.

Here are their comments:

“I was a bit nervous but did it! I was proud of myself talking to new people about my life at the university and one of the students knew me from school. I talked about my married life with my husband Paul and our life in our flat. I talked about my job at the Marriott hotel; I get paid for my job. I showed photographs. I have Down’s syndrome and like to tell people about my life.” – Lynsey


“I want to talk to students, midwives and doctors because I feel like they don’t know much about what Down’s syndrome is and I feel I want to educate them on Down’s syndrome then they can give the mothers better up to date information.

I enjoy speaking to groups of people because I love to meet new people and find out about them, their birthdays and what they do with their lives! It does feel nerve wracking sometimes but then I remember the courage of Esther and how her courage brought about desired results. Speaking to groups makes me feel happy that I can share my views and show of the extra chromosome and tell them that having Down’s syndrome is not a travesty. It’s the beginning of a topsy turvy roller-coaster of love!  There are bends in the roller-coaster but with the right help and support you can overcome it with Down’s syndrome support groups!

I like answering questions from them because I like the fact that people are curious about me and want to know more.  I love to talk about Jesus my Lord and saviour of my life, Jesus is my life.” – Heidi


Harry Fairchild the world's first qualified table tennis coach with Down's syndrome“I love talking to beautiful ladies about myself and my fiancée Ellie. I love my life and they love my talking. I play table tennis and I have Down’s syndrome. Table tennis is my life.” – Harry



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