USA- The 11th edition of State of the States

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State of the States in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, 11th edition


  • Year:  2017
  • Author:  David L. Braddock, Richard E. Hemp, Emily S. Tanis, Jiang Wu, and Laura Haffer
  • Format:  Paperback
  • Pages:   259
The State of the States in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities is a thorough and one-of-a-kind analytical study of public spending and programmatic trends in intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) services within the United States. In the 11th edition, extensive analyses are presented on each state’s performance over a period of 40 years, through fiscal year 2015. Launched in 1982, the study is directed by noted researcher Dr. David Braddock.  This informative and data-rich study is a must-have reference for anyone working in the disabilities field.
The 11th edition presents analyses of: out-of-home placements in 2015; federal, state, and local Medicaid spending in FY 2013-2015; fiscal effort (a state’s spending for IDD services from federal, state, and local sources per $1,000 aggregate statewide personal income); and annual cost of care across years for residents in five settings, followed by a look to the future in terms of demographic and legal forces, implications of changes to Medicaid, and key challenges foreseen for the future.  As in previous editions, the 11th edition also provides statistical profiles for the 50 states and the District of Columbia, as well as for the country as a whole.

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