Parents’ words about their child with Down syndrome

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21 Secrets of Parents of Kids With Down Syndrome

By Ellen Stumbo  August 9, 2017

When my daughter was born with Down syndrome, I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew were stereotypes and outdated information. When I stopped by the local library to check out books on Down syndrome, every book was old, making me want to curl in a corner and cry. If I believed what those books said and what I had been misinformed to believe, it seemed our life would be bleak and hopeless. Thankfully, I soon learned there was more to look forward to than there was to fear.

Now, as my daughter is fast approaching her 10th birthday, I recognize there is so much I did not know or understand about Down syndrome. She is my light, my life, my heart. Down syndrome is something in her I cherish, and I cannot imagine life without what she brings into our family. Life with her is rich and full.

We reached out to other parents of children with Down syndrome and asked them, “What do you wish people understood about your child or your life?”

These were their responses:

1. “My life is busy because I have three kids, not because I have a child with Down Syndrome. We do everything other families do with minor adjustments for my daughter’s needs. Do not feel sorry for us. Nothing is guaranteed in this life and anyone’s child could become ill or have an accident and you could have a million doctor and therap

y appointments as well. My child was just born this way and just like anyone else’s child, I will do whatever it takes for her to be happy and be successful in life.” — Dana C.

2. “It’s not what I had imagined when I was pregnant but it has turned out to be better than I ever thought. Yes, we have extra appointments and therapy three times a week, but when he smiles it makes everything worth it. We are more blessed than I ever thought was possible.” — Kimberly G.

3. “My life is no different than yours. I’m trying to raise a well rounded child with morals, values and compassion for others. Some of our other skills just take special helpers.” — Marie D.


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