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Locked up, tied and beaten: Girl with intellectual disability allegedly abused in Kerala school

Her parents allege that their daughter was repeatedly tied up and beaten up by the Principal and a male hostel warden.
  • Megha Varier Thursday, June 22, 2017


16-year-old Anjana* is tied to a chair, with her hands tied behind her back. Her mouth is covered with plaster, so that the pitiful screams she utters when she is repeatedly beaten on her feet and legs with a cane.

Anjana’s father Namboothiri, a resident of Alappuzha district in Kerala, has thought so often about the beatings that Anjana told him about that he can vividly see them in his mind.

Anjana is a child with intellectual disability. With 70% Mental Retardation (MR), Anjana, once a cheerful child, now withdraws into a corner at the slightest provocation and weeps at length. Her hands and legs bear an alarming collection of cuts, scars and bruises.

For 16 years of her life, Anjana had never lived away from her parents. But when the special school she used to go to closed its doors on her when she turned 16, Anjana’s parents had no other option but to send their child to a residential school some 20km away from their home.

However, alleges Namboothiri, within 10 days of being admitted to Mizpah – a school and home for children with intellectual disabilities in Kayamkulam – she began to be subjected to brutal torture by the school’s Principal, Shobha, and the hostel warden, Joseph.

« They have made my child behave like a mental patient. Now she starts crying all of a sudden and wakes up in the middle of the night, weeping to herself. She mumbles in her sleep, pleading not to be beaten up, » says Namboothiri.


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