Bhutan – The situation of people with Down Syndrome

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DSi in Bhutan


What we have done and what we can do

Ability Bhutan Society attended a DSi training programme at the World Down Syndrome Congress, India in 2015. We now need to build on this in Bhutan, training them to provide accurate information, support and resources and building their capacity to lobby authorities and change attitudes. We can do this through “Reach Out”.

Life in Bhutan


In Bhutan all citizens receive free healthcare and medication, and women have access to health professionals during and after pregnancy. Doctors normally diagnose Down syndrome shortly after birth, but often are unable to provide parents with much information about the condition. Awareness of health conditions associated with Down syndrome varies by doctor, and as a result not all families are aware of the health conditions that may affect their child.


All children in Bhutan are entitled to free education, but there are only a few children with Down syndrome included in mainstream schools, and those that do receive very little support. There is not a separate curriculum for children with Down syndrome or disabilities.

Participation in society

After finishing school some young adults with Down syndrome enrol in vocational centres, but many stay at home. People with Down syndrome do not have any real opportunities for paid or unpaid employment, and are normally supported by their families.


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