« Nos, Why Not? » (We, Why Not?) – The inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities through photography

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Nos, Why Not?


WHAT IS “Nos, Why Not?”

« Nos, Why Not? » (We, Why Not?) Is a meeting place, between photographers with disabilities, especially the intellectual, and society. A place where there is an inspiration to work together and find collaborative relationships that allow real value for society.

An important step is this image bank, the first in the world of photographers with disabilities.

We work for the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities through photography. We provide training, and we create or look for the conditions necessary for them to exercise it. Nos, Why Not? Is a non-profit association, formed mostly by photojournalists.



This web is the first bank of images where you can search the photographs by the profile of the photographer. That is, we can look for a female photographer or a photographer with a specific disability. For this we will look for phwoman, phblind, phDownsyndrome, phintellectualdisability …

Another novelty is to be able to look for a photograph by the position of the subject. Left (yzz) center (zyz) right (zzy)

2) We offer two-class GUARANTEE

– All the pictures that are in Nos, Why Not? Have been reviewed by photographers to provide optimal quality

– When a photographer from Nos, Why Not? Performs a job for a client, an event example, is accompanied by a professional photographer who supervises the work done.

Important: In this image bank, all photographs are from photographers with disabilities, but not all photographers are from Nos, Why Not?

3) PRIVATE GALLERIES with password for clients

We want to work with you, with your organization, your company … For this we have Private Galleries for our clients. We can collaborate more closely, we know the needs of images of your company and put at your disposal the most interesting.



Spain: Madrid, Barcelona (Sabadell y Terrassa), Galicia, Pamplona

Nord-Odal (Norway), Staten Island (New York), Buenos Aires (Argentina)


Life-wire.News Service (Staten Island – New York – USA), Moro Foto (Nord-Odal – Norway), Yo También (Buenos Aires – Argentina), We are Lions (Chicago – USA)


What We Do –    

We work to create an international network of photographers with disabilities, to achieve their empowerment, visibility and union, helping in this way their social and labor inclusion.

We facilitate photography training by looking for photographers, or with face-to-face or online advice

We think about new products or services, and we put them into practice.

This « site » where the first bank of images of disabled photographers is, is a good example, with its searches for the profile of the photographer, or its private galleries, to achieve a close collaboration with our clients. Our goal is for our image bank to be an accessible web

Another example is the guides that our photographers make with the collaboration of people with autism, to bring the culture closer to people with disabilities, to the companions and to those who look for fun and didactic information; Remember that accessibility is comfortable for everyone.

To achieve our goals, the photographers of « Nos, Why Not? » they do:

The first bank of images of photographers with disabilities

Conventional, corporate, event photography

Photo reports, on own initiative or for clients

Photography workshops


We invite all people interested in our movement to get in touch with us. People with intellectual disabilities who are interested in photography, associations, photographers with disabilities, photographers who want to belong to this movement, companies or organizations looking for a new photograph with a social value … everyone is welcome.


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