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Finding passion in photography



Geoffrey Mikol

Thanks to a beginning photography class he took in high school, Geoffrey Mikol discovered his passion. Today, still a shutterbug, he continues to do what he loves through his own business, Geoffrey Mikol’s Fine Art.

GEOFFREY STARTED HIS BUSINESS a few years ago in Chicago. He sells prints of his photography along with the paintings and refinished furniture he creates. Now a college graduate, most recently he opened his own brick and mortar gallery called the Galena Bend Gallery in Galena, Ill.

Photography is his life

Geoffrey says those who appreciate his work feel he has something special to offer when it comes to his creations.

photography Geoffrey Mikols

Geoffrey Mikol

“People say I see things through a camera lens that they don’t, and they like my pictures,” he said.

Photographing majestic scenes of forests, mountains and the sky are among the shutterbug’s favorite subjects, including one shot of the Shenandoah Mountains in Virginia (below).

“I took a picture of the sunrise through the trees. It was really pretty,” he said.

You’ll also find pictures with his dog, Hank, as well as of people who he finds interesting.

“I like to go places that I haven’t seen before and take pictures of people when they are doing other things.”

Find Geoffrey’s photography online

Geoffrey said he started taking black and white photos with a Canon, but now he exclusively uses his iPhone4 to capture his creativity. Geoffrey gets a little help from his dad, Paul Mikol, when it comes to Photoshopping, matting and framing his artwork. The pair also built a website together.

“I think getting people to know about my art is hard. That’s why we built a website, to make it easier,” Geoffrey said.

Makes for one fine self-advocate

photography Geoffrey Mikols, Shenandoah Mountains

Sunbeam through the trees in the Shenandoah Mountains in Virginia by Geoffrey Mikols.

Geoffrey finds his ability as an artist and a self-advocate is challenged when it comes to his art.
“I also want people to like my art because it’s good and not because I have Down syndrome,” he said. “My art is good.”

Ann Williams, Geoffrey’s mom, says she is happy her son found love in the art of photography.

“[It was the] answer to his needs in a career, and it makes his contribution to the world a little sweeter,” she said.

As if he’s not already busy enough, Geoffrey also participates in swimming and karate and takes guitar lessons. He’s a member of his local theater group at The Arc and works at a grocery store.

Geoffrey also a college graduate from Harper Community College, just five minutes from his home.


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You can purchase your own copy of his photos!

You can follow Geoffrey at River Bend Gallery!

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