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Note: In the UK, the term of ‘Learning disability’ is used instead of ‘Intellectual disability’.

There’s a learning disability pride day happening in Co Antrim

The group was inspired by Belfast’s Disability Pride Day in 2014


Carrickfergus Senior Gateway

There’s a learning disability pride day happening in Co Antrim this year.

Carrickfergus & District Senior Gateway Club will host the country’s first Learning Disability Pride Day on May 27.

It will celebrate everyone with a learning disability and their achievements and contributions to society.

Thomas Haighton, leader of the Carrickfergus & District Senior Gateway Club, told Belfast Live: « We are hosting the event on May 27. It comes after we attended Disability Pride in Belfast in 2014.

« It was the first time we attended and were invited to take part and its focus was on physical disabilities. Some of the members of our club went and I felt we have so many people with learning disabilities in Northern Ireland so why not have a learning disability pride day.

« We would love this day to be a great success and then become an annual event. We want to see thousands of people with learning disabilities turn up to support the occasion, along with carers, families and anyone who supports people with learning disabilities so they could show they are proud of them and their contributions to society. »

Learning Disability Pride will take place on May 27 in Carrickfergus from 12noon to 4pm and will be hosted by Pete Snodden. It will start with a parade complete with posters, banners and floats starting at Carrickfergus Health Centre and finishing at Carrickfergus Castle.

There will then be a concert and entertainment in the grounds.

Thomas added: « We will be educating young people through our educational DVD in the hope that they will respect those with learning disabilities and come to support us at our event.


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