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Toby Kable is the founder of All Ability Sports Coaching

All Ability

Coaching: All Ability Sports Coaching founder Toby Kable says he has seen boosts in self-confidence in everyone that takes part in AASC. Pictures: Gary-Jon Lysaght

Toby Kable

All Ability Sports Coaching founder

It doesn’t take much to make someone smile, you just have to make them feel needed and wanted.  That is what Toby Kable does as the founder of All Ability Sports Coaching – a sporting organisation geared towards supporting people with an intellectual disability.

With a focus on cricket and touch rugby, Mr Kable gives everyone involved in AASC the chance to hone their skills, and then showcase those skills in a game.

“We travel around the state during the year for special Olympic cricket competitions, we also played half time at the NRL city-country at Tamworth last year and we did the same thing in Mudgee this year,” Mr Kable said.

It was in Hay, a small town in central NSW that Mr Kable decided he wanted to help people with an intellectual disability be the best version of themselves.  He went on to complete a Bachelor of Secondary Teaching (Special Education) at the University of Newcastle.

“I’ve always grown up loving making people feel welcome and getting the best out of people,” he said.

Mr Kable, 28, worked in supportive unemployment for disabled people when he was a teenager, saying he would play cricket with intellectually disabled people there.  “I realised just how enriching and how great it can be to work with such amazing people,” he said.

He says there are huge boosts in confidence in everyone who joins AASC.  “You see that growth of self-esteem; the way they hold themselves in the group,” he said.

“It’s all that positive behaviour, positive body language, positive social skills and the communication that they’re using with each other.”

He was reminded of the trip back from a cricket competition, where the team mates are laughing and chatting with each other.  “It all comes back to them feeling comfortable being themselves,” he said.


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