The 4-minute video “He Came Down”

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Amazing Video Has Children With Down Syndrome Bringing the Nativity to Life

Micaiah Bilger   Dec 27, 2016

He Came Down

Every Christmas season brings new, heartwarming projects to the public spotlight: stories of incredible giving, stories of hope and sacrifice, stories of new life.

This Christmas, the UK Christian group Speak Life produced an especially touching, life-affirming video that features children with Down syndrome reenacting the story of Christ’s birth.

The 4-minute video “He Came Down” begins with a mother recounting what happened when she first learned that her baby girl had Down syndrome. It follows her family’s story as well as the group of children with Down syndrome as they put on the Nativity play for their families.

The mother began: “I thought my beautiful baby has got Down syndrome, and it’s such a disaster. God didn’t give me a straightforward answer of why this happened. It took time for me to realize that God’s answer was – it wasn’t so much what was wrong with Leeva as much as there was something wrong with the way I was thinking.”

The Speak Life video juxtaposed her story with that of Mary who conceived Jesus as a virgin and gave birth to him in a stable far from home. Mary did not understand exactly how God was using her or why, but God reassured her. Like Mary, the mother said God reassured her when Leeva was born.

Intermixed with the family’s story were scenes from the children’s Christmas play. Some of the children were dressed up as characters in the story, while a narrator, a young woman with Down syndrome, read the Christmas story. Like all children, the younger ones had a hard time staying in their places, moving around and glancing at their parents from off stage. The older ones read lines and smiled proudly.



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