Collette Divitto has a business of cookies

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Woman with Down syndrome starts own cookie business

Collette Divitto

When a 26-year-old Boston woman with Down syndrome struggled to find a job, she decided to start her own business. (WBZ/CBS Newspath)

BOSTON (WBZ/CBS Newspath) – Spend a few minutes in the kitchen with Collette Divitto, and you’ll quickly see her passion at work.

« I love to bake, » she said.

WBZ got a front-row seat to see the 26-year-old make a fresh batch of her amazing chocolate chip cookies dipped in cinnamon. Don’t even try to find out the recipe; Collette says it’s a secret.

Her cookies are so delicious that friends and family kept telling her she could make money off of them.

« This is a really good cookie. You could sell this cookie! » said Collette’s mother, Rosemary Alfredo.

When Collette, who was born with Down syndrome, tried to get a job and start making some money, she learned a tough lesson.

« It’s hard to find a paying job for people like me, » Collette said.

So she decided it was time to become her own boss, and her small cookie business took shape. She’s faced rejection, but now she’s out to prove a lot of people wrong.

Collette’s mom says her daughter has always refused to acknowledge her disability.

« She’s never accepted it » said Rosemary.

An attitude that’s already helped the cookie entrepreneur land her first client in the neighborhood.

The owner of the Golden Goose now sells Collette’s cookies inside his market.

« You know we just kind of fell in love with her, » said owner Stephen DeAngelis. « We get great feedback. First of all, we have to chase the employees away because they want to eat them! »

Getting a spot on the shelves of the Golden Goose was a great first step for Collette, but she’s not stopping there. She wants these sold in stores nationwide, saying her dream is to own a big company, but not for the money or success. Collette wants to hire people around the country with disabilities.


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