Brandon Gruber, a man to know

Brandon Gruber

Brandon Gruber. Photo Apostrophe Magazine

A Youtube video from KSBW :

September 24, 2016

Brandon Gruber is an artist, model and crowned homecoming king two years ago at Aptos High School. Saturday night, he became the first male model with down syndrome to ever walk the runway at FashionArt Santa Cruz.


You can know more about Brandon in this article from People:

Homecoming King Brandon Gruber Takes Underprivileged Teens to Prom

By Susan Young   05/14/2015

Brandon Gruber’s story could have ended with the bullied senior with Down syndrome being crowned homecoming king last fall, but that was just the beginning. In less than a year, Gruber has taught his high school classmates that he’s much more than his diagnosis.

« It does not define me, or who I am. That is my quote of the day, » Gruber says, laughing.

« Becoming homecoming king was the happiest thing that ever happened to me. Now I feel like I am a part of my school, » Gruber, 19, of Santa Cruz, California, tells PEOPLE.

Now he wants to pass that feeling along to his peers.

« I wanted to do something that would inspire others and change their lives, » Gruber says. « I used to feel like I was not part of things – that I was isolated and excluded – and I wanted to do something so people felt like they were a part of things. »


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