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Political Advocacy

Political Advocacy

Did you know…we are working on your behalf in Washington, DC?

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How can I affect bigger issues regarding individuals with Down syndrome?

Major issues for persons with disabilities include getting a quality education, access to community-based quality residential living services (including housing and transportation) and getting a meaningful job, which offers some economic self-sufficiency.

These are daunting tasks, but the good news is you can make an impact.

Politicians campaigning for elected offices today will determine future public policy. Public policy is important to all citizens. Who we elect to represent us and our concerns matter — to members and families of the National Down Syndrome Congress.

As you decide who will get your vote in November, learn where candidates stand on these important issues by asking questions. Start by asking candidates if they have a written position statement on disability policies. If they don’t have one, ask why and offer to share your expertise as a parent or family member of a person with Down syndrome on critical issues that your family faces.

Additionally, one of the most effective ways to have an impact on federal legislation is to contact your senator or representative when an issue of importance is at the front of the legislative agenda. NDSC governmental affairs will often issue “calls for action” to our members letting them know when to contact their elected congressional representatives about issues affecting individuals with Down syndrome. You can stay up to date on these calls to action by liking our Governmental Affairs Facebook page.

Other Ways to Contact Your Legislator:

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