People First England wants to create a new organisation called Learning Disability England

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Note: In the UK, the term of ‘Learning disability’ is used instead of ‘Intellectual disability’.



We’re building a new organisation called Learning Disability England.

Learning Disability England will bring together people with learning disabilities, families and organisations.

We know that people with learning disabilities are still not equal in society.

There are lots of organisations and individuals trying to change that. But we think that what’s been missing is a strong, united voice on the really important things.

We need to create that loud, strong voice so that we cannot be ignored.

There are lots of bits of Learning Disability England that we haven’t decided on yet and this is why we’re doing this consultation.

We’re talking to people with learning disabilities, family members and staff from organisations to find out what all of those groups want Learning Disability England to do for them.

If you would rather tell us what you think over the phone then you can call Annie on 07780 707 577 at any time between 9am and 5pm Monday-Friday.

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