Cook and Eat easy read cookbooks

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Note: In the UK, the term of ‘Learning disability’ is used instead of ‘Intellectual disability’.

Cook and Eat cook books


Cook and Eat easy read cook books are a range of specially adapted cookery books.

The books have been written so that people with learning disabilities can make more meals with less help.

People with learning disabilities helped to make the books.

The recipes are easy because there is:

  • A photo list of food you need
  • A photo list of things from the kitchen you will need
  • Easy words
  • Easy method to follow
  • Measures and timings for everything
  • Only one thing needs to be done at one time
  • No time limits so it doesn’t matter how long it takes
  • Photographs and pictures
  • Help with food safety


The books in the range:


Small Meals – meals you might eat at lunchtime

Quick and easy things you might eat at lunchtime.
Things like a Bacon Sandwich
You do not need to use a sharp knife to make these meals.


Big Meals – meals you might eat at teatime

Easy things you might eat at teatime.
Things like Sausage Casserole.
Some recipes need you to use a sharp knife to chop easy things


Cooking from Scratch – meals you might make if you enjoy cooking

How to make more difficult meals.
Things like Shepherds Pie
You need to chop and peel things like onions and potatoes
These meals take longer to make than meals in the other books.


Baking – includes easy and hard recipes

How to make things you might eat for a pudding or a snack.
Things like Apple Crumble
Some recipes are quick and easy, and some recipes take longer and are more difficult.

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