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February 16, 2016 | North America: Maine

« You Are a Retard. »

By Mitzi Sequoia

We didn’t have Special Ed. when I was a little girl. We were dirt poor. I didn’t go to Kindergarten and was behind in reading and the ABC’s in the first grade. There was five of us made to sit in a circle in the class room and while the other kids did math, we had to try and read out loud « See Jane run and See Spot run » from an elementary book but I didn’t Understand HOW to read out loud nor did my pal Johnny, so every day after school we were chased all the way to our front door by a group of boys who called us « Retards ». We didn’t know what a retard was but we didn’t want to be one especially if they caught one of us. Two boys would hold me down while one boy sat on top of me and spit in my mouth. Johnny and I would run our hearts out trying to get away from them because we were scared to death of them. Today, I despise the « R » word and I don’t hold back when I hear anyone call a child or another adult a RETARD. Kids in my town call each other the R-word without any thought.

About Mitzi Sequoia:I am a retired Licensed Social Worker and I worked for 30 years in crisis work. My life’s devoted to helping others to see their worth and value. I have a great-niece who has Down syndrome.
February 16, 2016 | North America: Iowa

A Day at the Zoo

By Judy Schieffer

I was at the zoo with a group of my closest friends (that happen to have disabilities) while hanging out a lady approached us she walked over to me and said what is their diagnosis. I looked at her and asked what is yours.. she said they are retarded right. I said no, I call them friends

About Judy Schieffer:I work for Mainstreamliving at the ACE program.. this is an amazing group of individuals that despite their intellectual disabilities are out to show the World their true abilities..
February 16, 2016 | North America: Colorado

Spreading the Word in Cody, Wyoming!

By Barbara Goldsby

Presenting to parents and educators in Fort Collins, CO

My stepson, Beau Goldsby, will be traveling to Cody, Wyoming to kick off the Spread the Word to End the Word Campaign! Beau speaks across the country, giving parents, teachers, students and administrators advice and hope in educating their children with disabilities. He rocks the house every time he speaks!

About Barbara Goldsby:I work for the Colorado Department of Education and have been a special educator/administrator for 31 years. My stepson, Beau, is the light of my life! It’s been quite a ride!


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