Coverage of Inclusion Ireland for the upcoming General Election

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Elections 2016


Inclusion Ireland will have comprehensive coverage of the upcoming General Election including disability manifestos, reviews of all the political parties’ manifestos, information fact sheets and much more.

Inclusion Ireland has already published an Election Manifesto called ‘A Disability Manifesto for Equality and Human Rights – Intellectual disability issues for the 32nd Dáil.

Inclusion Ireland has collaborated with Down Syndrome Ireland and the Center for Independent Living on a General Election 2016 document called ‘A Manifesto for Community Inclusion’.

These documents reflect the views of parents, members, persons with disabilities, advocates, self-advocates disability experts and practitioners.

Follow the links below for guide to voting, what the political parties are saying and some useful links.

1. Latest from Inclusion Ireland

‘A Disability Manifesto for Equality and Human Rights’.

‘A Manifesto for Community Inclusion’.

Inclusion Ireland Guide to Voting.

Voting and Persons with Intellectual Disabilities.

Right to Reform document.

2. Election Manifestos from Political Parties

Renua Ireland: Independent funding among reforms in Election manifesto.

Independent Alliance: Charter for Government 2018 is launched.

Social Democrats: Cost of disability payment addressed in Election manifesto.

3. Inclusion Ireland review of Election Manifestos

Renua Ireland: ‘Rewarding Work, Rebuilding Trust’.

4. Useful Links

Register, Voting Procedure and Facilities etc.

Disable Inequality launch campaign in Trinity College.

Contact your candidate (Disable Inequality external website).

What’s My Constituency? (External Website).

Self-Advocate Adrian Noonan Blog (external website).

5. Contact Us

Contact Inclusion Ireland about the Election 2016.

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