Involve people with profound intellectual disabilities in decision making

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Note: In the UK, the term of ‘Learning disability’ is used instead of ‘Intellectual disability’.

Involve Me

Creatively involving people with PMLD in decision making

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Involve Me is a three-year project about how to creatively involve people with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) in decision making.

The Involve Me resource aims to increase the involvement of people with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) in decision making and consultation. The resource is the result of a three year project, supported by the Renton Foundation and run by Mencap in partnership with the British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD).

People with PMLD and staff took part by learning about and using different approaches to communication: sharing stories, creative communication, peer advocacy and multimedia advocacy.

Involve Me practical guide

Involve Me: a practical guide has been launched along with an independent evaluation of the project.

The guide refers to real-life examples as well as video clips, downloadable resources and the Involve Me film, which are available on an interactive DVD.

The content shows how staff at four sites used different creative approaches to involvement. The guide also demonstrates how everyone, including staff, families and policy-makers, can start involving people with PMLD in decision-making and consultation.

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Evaluation of Involve Me

An independent evaluation of the project has been carried out by the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities.

Why is the Involve Me project needed?

People with PMLD are some of the most excluded people in society.

Most people with PMLD don’t use formal communication like words and symbols. This makes communication very difficult and can mean people with PMLD are not involved in important decisions, such as where to live.

If we listen to what is important to people with PMLD we can better meet their needs. But people with PMLD should be involved in all decisions which affect their lives. They have important preferences and experiences to share. We just need to give them the opportunity to do this.

The Mental Capacity Act says that when people are not able to make their own decisions they should be involved as much as possible. Involve Me will help those supporting people with PMLD to work in line with this law and ensure that their legal and human rights are respected.

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Involve Me training

Learn best practice approaches to involve people with profound and multiple learning disabilities in consent and decision making. Find out about our Involve Me training.

Who to contact

The Involve Me practical guide with DVD is currently being offered for free. Order your free DVD now!

To find out about Involve Me training workshops please visit our training page or get in touch:

The Involve Me team
Telephone: 0207 696 5593

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