Different kinds of advocacy

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What is Advocacy?

Advocacy comes in different forms, including self-advocacy, citizen advocacy and independent advocacy.

Advocacy is key to people with disabilities accessing their rights and entitlements.

Advocacy can also provide a safeguard for people with disabilities who may be vulnerable.


Representative Advocacy

Representative advocacy usually involves an advocate supporting a person to claim their rights or entitlements. This include access to services such as education, health, employment; legal rights; making complaints, etc. Inclusion Ireland does not provide a representative advocacy service.

The National Advocacy Service provides a free and confidential advocacy service to people with a disability.


Self-advocacy is when a person speaks up for themselves. This can be done alone or as part of a group.

Inclusion Ireland has a Board of Management which include several self-advocates and a self-advocacy sub-committee advises the Board of Directors.

Inclusion Ireland also supports a number of self-advocacy groups, including the self-advocacy sub-committee and the Leinster Platform of self-advocates and also the National Platform of self-advocates.

For more information about our self-advocacy work contact Áine Ni Aileagain aine@inclusionireland.ie

Inclusion Ireland has launched a Self-Advocacy Resource Unit (SARU) which aims to share information on rights, services, training and law which affects people with disabilities.

Self-Advocacy Resource Unit (SARU).

Family Advocacy

Inclusion Ireland has a long history of supporting parents and families to advocate. This approach to advocacy is about building capacity and empowerment of parents and family members.

For further information contact Mark O’Connor at mark@inclusionireland.ie

Policy Advocacy

Policy advocacy involves influencing changes to laws, policies and practices that discriminate against people with a disability.

Inclusion Ireland provides a central forum for its members to prepare agreed policy and submissions. Inclusion Ireland also participates on groups and committees monitoring government policy.

If you would like to find our more about our Information policy work  please contact Jim Winters jim@inclusionireland.ie

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