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Welcome to the Able to Include Project Newsletter


The internet is very useful

for people with disabilities

to talk to eachother or to other people.

But sometimes the internet is not easy to use.
A project called Able to Include

wants to help people with intellectual disabilities

use social media, like Facebook, on a phone or tablet.
9 organisations from 5 countries in Europe

are working together to make apps easier to use.

Some tools will change written words into easy-to-read.

Other tools will change written words into voice or images.


This newsletter tells you what is happening in the project.

We hope you will like this newsletter.

If you have any questions or comments, you can write to us at

What we’ve been up to

 Leuven University makes program to translate words into images

 The University of Leuven is a partner

in the Able to Include Project.

Leuven is a city in Belgium.


The University of Leuven is making a computer program
to change words into pictures.

This program will help people with intellectual disabilties

better understand the information they are reading.
It will also help them use social media
like Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp.

They are using two picture languages:
  • one is called Beta
  • and the other is called Sclera
Beta pictures are in color. They look like this: s15c_beta

Sclera pictures are black and white, like this: s15c_sclera_1In some countries, students learn these picture languages in school.


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