Marius, 18 said: Being a Young Ambassador is amazing

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Note: In the UK, the term of ‘Learning disability’ is used instead of ‘Intellectual disability’.

Meet our new Young Ambassadors

Hannah Gallagher  03/08/2015


The Young Ambassador project empowers young people to showcase their skills and talents to the wider community. Over the next year, we’re working with a group of young people with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) from the John F Kennedy School in Stratford, who are showing how all volunteering opportunities can be inclusive with the correct support.

Since April 2015 the Young Ambassador team in London have been working with 5 students at John F Kennedy School in Stratford. Students at JFK are bright, talented and funny individuals.

Young Ambassador Rahima (pictured above), 18 from East Ham said: “Being a Young Ambassador is cool and wonderful, I have met new people and made new friends, we have talked and had fun. I communicate by using a computer which is controlled by my eye movements, my computer is my voice. I love reading and dancing it makes me feel excited.”

Meet Moosa (pictured above), 18 from East Ham who said: “Being a Young Ambassador is wicked it is great to meet new people, I communicate by using sign along and speaking. I love IT and football, I love competing and sport allows me to do this safely”.

Marius (pictured above), 18 said: “Being a Young Ambassador is amazing, I have met lots of new people and I have been to the Houses of Parliament. I communicate using sign along, I also speak Romanian. I love to go swimming it makes me feel happy and free”.

Daniel (pictured above), 19 from Stratford enjoys being a Young Ambassador because: “It is fun and I have met new people from different places, I communicate by speaking English and Polish. I love robots, art and maths, Art allows me to express myself and make my own choices”.

Sara (pictured above), 19 from Plaistow said: “We completed some training to become a Young Ambassador, it has been fun. I communicate by speaking, I love maths and writing, through my writing people can get to know me better”.

Over the next 10 months the Young Ambassadors will plan and complete two Community Impact Projects. A Community Impact Project is an activity planned by Young Ambassadors that has a positive impact on a community.

One of the projects will raise awareness of learning disability issues while the other will provide the opportunity for Young Ambassador to make a positive contribution through volunteering. It is going to be a busy and exciting time, so watch this space to find out what our fabulous Young Ambassadors get up to over the next few months!

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