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About the transitions project


Devon, with his sister and mom.

Inclusion BC (formerly the BC Association for Community Living) (see contact information below) launched the “on my way” transitions project to help students with special needs and their families prepare for life after high school. Five unique, talented and enthusiastic students and their families have generously agreed to share their hopes, dreams, challenges and successes as they prepare to leave high school next year

When most students in the BC school system (who are on track to receive a Dogwood graduation certificate) enter the Graduation Program in grade 10, 11 and 12 there is much attention given to their graduation and eventual transition to a bigger, better future.

The curriculum includes “Graduation Transition Prescribed Outcomes” which sets out the responsibilities of students and the school. They include:

  1. Taking ownership for personal health and learning
  2. Demonstrating a connection between learning and personal future plans
  3. Planning for growth and development as an active citizen
  4. Exhibiting attributes of a model B.C graduating student

But for a small group of students, planning for the future can be confusing. Students who graduate with an Evergreen Certificate (also known asSchool Leaving Certificate) and not a Dogwood Certificate have an equal right to a bigger, better, future. Getting to that point will require early planning and ongoing cooperative planning between family and teachers and loved ones and service providers who might surround the student.

In communities across British Columbia this planning has proved to be difficult. Far too many graduates are sent from their high school to waiting lists or day programs which provide safety but no particular opportunity for growth as a citizen.

This blog will attempt to identify both the simplicity and complexity of this human endeavour. We will follow the graduation lives of 4 young high school students and their families as each prepare to get “ on their way” along their future path.

We hope this blog will become a place where we can surface transition issues, successes and failures. We have designed it to provide a forum for students, teachers and parents and MCFD workers and CLBC staff all of whom believe it will take all of our graduating youth to create the communities we will want to live in.

On my Way is a three year project led by Chris Horrocks.


For more information about the project, contact Karen De Long, Director of Community Development at Inclusion BC (formerly the BC Association for Community Living):

Karen De Long, Director of Community Development
604-777-9100 ext. 530

Inclusion BC (formerly the BC Association for Community Living)
227 Sixth Street, New Westminster, B.C.
V3L 3A5

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