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Josephine Goddard. Photo Heart and Sold

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In my blog I want to tell you about my life and the things I like doing.

I particularly want to tell you about my paintings and the exciting things that have happened to me because of them.

In March 2014, I had four of my paintings exhibited in the Menier Gallery in London by an organisation called “Heart and Sold”


Suzie Moffat, the director, wanted to give artists with Down’s syndrome the chance to have their work exhibited and sold. One of my paintings “Cats” was sold for £750 to a friend of Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Two of my paintings,

Osborne Houseosbourne house


TheatreInc, have been chosen to be exhibited this summer in London and also in New York. I am really thrilled about it. I hope that I can go to New York.


I also have taken part in OutsideIn at Pallant House Gallery Chichester, where my paintings have been exhibited. I won third prize in Sussex Artists’ Award with my painting of the Tragedy of the Titanic. Soon I am going to Pallant House to talk about my paintings at a Community Share Event.

I paint at the Creative Arts Studio. Most of my paintings are story paintings of topics I choose. They are things that I like and am interested in. I use acrylic paints for all my paintings, because I like using them. I also use multi media to make interesting textures for all of them.

A favourite painting of mine is Harry Potter; I used a large canvas and I drew and painted details of all seven books. I drew Hogwarts’ Gates in the middle of the picture and I quoted from lots of the spells.

I have also painted  The Legend of Scotland and Fossils, The Tragedy of the Titanic, Jesus Christ and his Angels, EastEnders, Chinese new Year Dragon Dance, Friends, Barbie Fairy Christmas, Hogwarts in Four Seasons and  quite a few others.


I am a member of a new Theatre Company called TheatreInc. We are all good friends and the staff are really good. We have gone on tour a number of times to local venues, schools, theatres etc.

Thank you for reading about my life.



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