Trisomy 21 Research Society (T21RS), a non-profit scientific organization of researchers studying Down syndrome

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Welcome to T21RS


Gerard, Christel, Wilma, Simone & Rens

Trisomy 21 Research Society (T21RS) is the first non-profit scientific organization of researchers studying Down syndrome, founded to promote basic and translational research on Down syndrome and to apply new scientific knowledge to develop improved treatments and cures.


Our main goals

  • To stimulate Down syndrome research
  • To facilitate interaction and collaboration between researchers
  • To organize the biennal T21RS International Conference (Paris 2015)
  • To harmonize protocols for (pre)clinical research
  • To support education and training of young researchers
  • To explain (recent) findings to the general public and to policymakers
  • To promote the interaction between scientists, patient/family associations and companies

A more extensive description of our aims is provided here.


T21RS Membership is intended for scientists and clinicians studying Down syndrome. However, if you are not a scientist and do like to support our aims, you can become a T21RS Associate Member or donate via the ‘Donate Now’ button on the right. Many thanks!


T21RS consists of six committees with different themes, of which two are fully dedicated to Down syndrome research:

  • Committee for Preclinical Research, lead by Yann Hérault (Fr)
  • Committee for Clinical Research, lead by André Strydom (UK)

Both committees strive to establish common protocols for (pre)clinical research, thereby harmonizing and standardizing the worldwide efforts to investigate Down syndrome, thus enabling better comparisons between studies across the globe. Committee reports and protocols will be availble for all T21RS members in the protected member environment (after log-in).

Specific aims and updates of the committee work are shown in their respective sub-sections (on the right).

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