Singapore: Insurance available for Persons with Special Needs

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Insurance in Singapore for Persons with Special Needs

Apr 10, 2015   by COH Resource

As a parent or legal guardian of someone with special needs, there’s often the concern of how to cope with medical and living expenses in the long term. You may be interested to know about two private insurance policies available in Singapore.

Both SpecialCare (Autism) Insurance and SpecialCare (Down Syndrome) Insurance are offered by NTUC Income. They feature similar eligibility criteria, yearly premiums, and benefits.

For example, a parent/legal guardian can insure his or her child who is between 15 days to 30 years of age. Both the parent/legal guardian and child must have valid Singapore identification documents (For example, NRIC or birth certificate). In taking up a policy, the parent/legal guardian will be the Policy Holder and the child will be the Insured Person.

The policies cover the Insured Person for medical expenses from accidents and infectious diseases. Other benefits -those not found in most insurance plans- include reimbursement for mobility aids, psychiatric treatment and physiotherapy, home modifications and caregiver training following an accident.

There are also benefits if the parent/legal guardian (the policyholder) becomes permanently disabled or dies due to an accident. This relieves financial burdens in the family and ensures that the Insured Person continues to be covered.

For more information on each insurance scheme, call NTUC Income’s Hotline for Specialised Care at 67861788

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