The can’t-stop-smiling power of love

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Love doesn’t discriminate. Celebrate the love this Valentine’s day

   power of love

This Valentine’s Day we’re celebrating the brilliant, all-embracing, unpredictable, life-changing, liberating, confidence-giving, can’t-stop-smiling power of love.

At Mencap, we’re all about celebrating love. Because love doesn’t discriminate, it puts us all on an equal playing field and that’s what we want for people with a learning disability.

Filmed and produced for Mencap by Chantal Scurr

Filmed on location at Gods Own Junk Yard: « Gods Own Junk Yard was delighted to host the filming of the Valentine’s shoot in support of Mencap. It was wonderful to share the love that was generated during filming because, more than anything, everyone needs love. Happy Valentine’s Day! Love Gods Own Junkyard. x »

Mencap is the UK’s largest learning disability* charity. Find out more about us here:


* Note: In the UK, the term of ‘Learning disability’ is used instead of ‘Intellectual disability’.


Thanks @mencap_charity to have drawn my attention on this video.

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