Becoming self-determined is an ongoing process

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 Self-Determination and Self-Advocacy



The attitudes and expectations parents hold for their children can have a profound effect on their social, emotional, and academic development.  The manner in which parents interact with their children can influence children’s self-esteem and level of independence.  By being persistent and maintaining high expectations for your child, you may instill confidence and foster greater independence-both of which promote self-determination.

Becoming self-determined is an ongoing process for all children and youth, whether or not they have a disability.  The approaches you take may look different across the age span or depending on the individual strengths and needs of your child.

In this edition of the e-Connections, learn more about what self-determination is, learn how to develop self-determination skills, read tips from parents and get access to more information on self-determination and self-advocacy. 

What does self-determination and self-advocacy mean?

See what Jacob and Christopher say in these short videos…


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