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Disability Services Inspection Reports

In the interest of protecting potentially vulnerable adults and children with disabilities, the addresses of designated centres for people with disabilities, including children with disabilities, are not included on published inspection reports.

Each published report shows the name of the provider organisation and the county where the centre is located. If you are looking for an inspection report for a particular centre, please contact the relevant service provider organisation directly.

Inspection report (including date of inspection) Centre ID Service operated by Inspection Date(s) Publication Date Counter
2717 Muiriosa Foundation 9 Dec 2014 15 Jan 2015 1
1909 Praxis Care 12 Nov 2014 15 Jan 2015 2
2001 The Irish Society for Autism 5 Nov 2014 14 Jan 2015 3
2676 RehabCare 20 Nov 2014 14 Jan 2015 4
2314 St. Mary’s Centre (Telford) Limited 4 Dec 2014 13 Jan 2015 5


Read all reports.


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