25 Businesses by adults who have Down syndrome

To read on The Road we’ve shared website, 25 exemples of adults with Down Syndrome who beat misconceptions and have their own business:

Businesses by adults who have Down syndrome

America According to Connor Gifford

25 Businesses

Just when 81% of Americans are dissatisfied with America’s direction, along comes Conner Giffor, an amazing young man from Nantucket who has Down Syndrome, to make sense of our past. Illustrated with 58 of Connor’s drawings, the 53 insightful profiles span 400 years of America’s journey to «  »get it right. » » The key themes include: civil rights, women’s rights, why wars begin, religious freedom, individual responsibility. The book changes stereotypes and perception about those with Down Syndrome, Autism, and other special needs. The book is ideal for educators and libraries for its innovative ways it teaches American History.

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