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Abstract Tactile Panel

interactive wall

This interactive wall panel offers auditory, tactile and visual sensory elements and is ideal for those requiring multiple sensory inputs. It encourages different grips, movements, and use of fine motor function. Reinforces eye/hand coordination, concentration, color recognition, visual perception, and provides audible and visual rewards. A selection of contrasting textures, fluid shapes, raised and recessed areas, and interactive elements are provided for a fun learning and exploring experience. Approximately 45 ¼” x 45 ¼”. –

About FlagHouse

Six decades ago, FlagHouse, Inc. opened its doors in New York City’s Greenwich Village to sell booster and fundraising items, including pennants and flags. Today, this family-run business has grown to become a global supplier of resources for physical activity, recreation, education and special needs, with operations in the United States and Canada.

Our story is one of continuous growth. With each decade, customers’ needs have changed, bringing new challenges and demands. Our response to those challenges has been through new product development, resources, and valuable relationships with our partners.

Our Mission is to enhance the quality of life for all people, with resources for physical activity, recreation, education, therapy, and the development and support of life skills.

We strive to be the supplier of choice to professionals and consumers seeking resources for physical activity, recreation, education and special needs. Our goal is to satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations and we do so by:

*Treating our customers with the utmost care, honesty, and respect. Your trust is the most valuable asset we can earn.
*Taking pride in what we sell and offering products and services that embody the quality, innovation and value that you expect.
* Committing to excellence in every facet of our business and every endeavor we undertake.
* Recognizing that we are wholly dependent on our committed, professional, dedicated employees and suppliers who are invested in our shared success.
* Embracing change to keep improving our company, our products and services, and ourselves.

By holding to these principles, we believe we can stand firmly behind our company promise: The Solutions You Need. The Source You Trust.

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