Global Messengers of Special Olympics International from 2010-2014

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These Special Olympics International Global Messengers are athletes with intellectual disabilities who represent Special Olympics and their countries from 2010-2014.

Andy Miyares, Special Olympics Florida, USA

Andy Miyares is a 27-year-old Special Olympics athlete from Miami, Florida who will be representing the Special Olympics as a Global Messenger for next four years. As soon as you meet Andy, you can’t… Open 

Anton Jose Maria Silos, Special Olympics Philippines

Anton has been an athlete with Special Olympics for seven years. His sport is bowling and he averages 200+ per game with a 15-lb. ball. He practices several times each week and plays on a league that…  Open

Ariel Ary, Special Olympics Costa Rica

Ariel Ary Chinchilla, 19, of Escazu, Costa Rica has been a Special Olympics athlete for more than 10 years and is a star tennis player. He is excited to be a new Special Olympics International Global… Open

Caroline Verdenal, Special Olympics France

Caroline Verdenal, 56, is a Special Olympics International Global Messenger from Pau, France. As a Special Olympics athlete, Caroline competed in cross country skiing and swimming. In 1985, Caroline h… Open

Deon Clarence Namiseb, Special Olympics Namibia

Deon Namiseb wants to challenge all expectations about people with intellectual disabilities – especially all low expectations. When Deon was born in Namibia in 1978, doctors saw he had multiple disab…  Open

Kristina O’Neal, Special Olympics Missouri, USA

Kristina O’Neal’s early years were defined mostly by abuse and neglect. But with an unstoppable spirit and inspiring positive attitude, she has worked to excel in all aspects of her life during the ye… Open

Matthew Williams, Special Olympics Canada

 Still a teenager, Matthew Williams has been with Special Olympics about six years. His goal is to spread the message and vision of Special Olympics far and wide – through the example of his own perso…  Open

Minmin Huang, Special Olympics China

Minmin Huang, 20, is a Special Olympics International Global Messenger from Fuzhou, China. Minmin got involved with Special Olympics in 2006, when she started playing both singles and doubles tennis…   Open

Neha Naik, Special Olympics Bharat (India)

Neha Naik, 21, is a Special Olympics International Global Messenger from Mumbai, India, who competes in the 100-meter dash and shot-put events. As an athlete with Special Olympics, Neha has had the op… Open

Olga Dasoura, Special Olympics Hellas (Greece)

As an International Global Messenger, Olga Dasoura communicates the positive « we-can-do-it » message that she has learned through Special Olympics — that people with intellectual disabilities can do a… Open

Wei Chieh Chen, Special Olympics Chinese Taipei

Wei Chieh Chen (John) says Special Olympics has brought him some of the happiest moments of his life. The 28-year-old says he’s gained confidence through his participation in Special Olympics over the… Open

Zakaria Aquedim, Special Olympics Morocco

Zakaria Aquedim says he’s ready to take on his new mission as an International Global Messenger — the only one who can speak directly to Arabs worldwide with and without intellectual disabilities.“I…  Open

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