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MENU-AIDDs© Nutritional Health Promotion for Community-dwelling Adults with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities


Nutrition plays an important role in supporting health and contributes to a higher quality of life for community-dwelling adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Nutrition-related health and wellness, such as maintaining a healthy weight or keeping blood sugar within normal range, can either maximize an individual’s independence and participation in community life, or restrict them.

Nutrition is a leading health indicator for adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Research on secondary health conditions shows that many of the most limiting conditions are related to nutrition and may be prevented or improved through better nutrition. Overweight and obesity, in particular, are critical problems in this population and must be addressed, in part through nutrition intervention.

Recent research indicates that the food systems in many group homes for adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities produce nutritionally inadequate diets. The staff needs support and assistance from reputable nutrition sources to be able to plan and make healthy meals and snacks while keeping costs low. Opportunities for consumer education and support to make healthy food choices in group homes are important, but too often lacking.

MENU-AIDDs does not require special doctors’ orders because it is not a therapeutic diet. It packages standard nutrition recommendations, such as the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and MyPlate, to work for people with intellectual disabilities and their supporters.

MENU-AIDDs Materials and Training

The MENU-AIDDs health promotion program consists of two parts – materials and training — with optional evaluation consultation available.

Program Evaluation and Results to Expect from MENU-AIDDs

Staff Training

Participants’ evaluations on knowledge, empowerment, intent to implement healthy changes, and skills to make the improvements rated the training as “excellent.” The attendees saw the training event as very beneficial and a lot of fun!

MENU-AIDDs was scientifically evaluated in community group homes after 8 weeks and 6 months of use. Results:

Good Nutrition Ideas’ doctoral-levelscientists are available to conduct program evaluation for participating organizations. We can work together with you to get the information important to you; such as:

The standard fee for delivering the MENU-AIDDs program and in-person training is $3,500 for up to 15 group homes in the same training session (approximately $233.00 per home), plus materials and actual travel. Additional days of training, in the same trip, are $2,500 per day. Contact us for more details on services, prices, and availability.

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