A fully-accessible, mixed-ability performing arts space

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You will have hands-on contact with beat, rhythm, time signatures, melody, chords, dynamics, pitch, tempo and more. You will review material and be on our feet every class. You will take part in vocal exercises, warm-ups and singing in each class. You will work with song-writing. All of these skills and disciplines will come into play as you begin to rehearse a new original musical script. Above all, you will have fun.

Your Teacher – David Archibald

David, our contracted supervisor of inclusive music, produced the first recording of pop star Avril Lavigne. David’s music is regularly featured on CBC radio programmes such as The Vinyl Cafe, Morningside, and Ontario Morning. His received the Heritage Youth Leaders Award from the Ontario Heritage Foundation.


How H’art Got its Start 


Inspired by David Cross, a 21-year old with Down Syndrome, professional artist Katherine Porter begins setting up H’art School in Kingston. The organization’s mission is to help adults with intellectual disability reach their highest potential through arts and education. H’art receives charitable registration status.


H’art initiates an arts and practical literacy skill development program called H’art Studio in a classroom at Loyalist Collegiate and Vocational Institute for seven students. The number doubles by the summer. H’art needs to find a larger space. H’art moves into a space donated by Hotel Dieu Hospital located on the corner of Montreal and Brock streets in downtown Kingston.


The new space is filled with creative energy coming from art and literacy projects and preparation for a major production, Martadella’s Gift. The play is soon followed byGushin’ for Gershwin. The studio begins to exhibit work twice a year. H’art begins to focus on establishing a curriculum and four-month semesters.  Read all.

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