Employment for People with Disabilities

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Employment for People with Disabilities

Our Vision for 2015

Every person with a developmental disability who wants a job, has a job. Our Ready, Willing and Able Employment Campaign is all about making this vision a reality.

Real Work for Real Pay

Many people with developmental disabilities want to have a job, earn a wage, and be included and valued in their work. Despite this desire, the rate of people with developmental disabilities who are employed remains very low. Some believe that people with developmental disabilities should not or can not work, and this leads to limited choices and opportunities to become employed. Current research shows that, contrary to this myth, people with developmental disabilities make valuable contributions to their communities, families, and to their workplaces when they have the proper supports and services available to them.

At Inclusion BC we believe that people with developmental disabilities can and should have as many opportunities to be employed as their non-disabled peers. With awareness and resources, employers in BC are willing to make reasonable accommodations to their employees. In turn, everyone in the workplace benefits from the value of diversity. The employee with a developmental disability gains confidence, independence and enjoys an increased income as a result. What’s more, community workplaces begin to truly reflect the makeup of the people that live in that community.

Relevant policies and regulations, training and education, job supports and job-matching services can be designed to enable people to get and keep real jobs.

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