‘Repercussion’ is a fully-fledged band

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Percussionist Group in ‘Esat’ (Specialized Work Centre), percussion and social impact, France


A group in its own right, connivance, cohesion, coherence, autonomous management of a concert, devilish rhythms or felted atmosphere, the art of percussion in festive meetings:

1. Percussion and impact:

4 adults TH in Esat Saint-Sauveur or Ea [accessible company] Vesoul (Adapei 70 association) from 22 to 36 years-old, 4 drummers, including one woman, 4 wings from the field of intellectual disability and emotional efficiency.

« Repercussion » has his sense of rhythm and meeting (+ than 200 concerts) throughout the region in specialized establishments but also and especially for associations, festivals, schools-colleges-high schools, social centres, retirement homes centres, carnivals, street parties.

Participations for cultural projects of the Department/Region, discussions or symposia (IRTS training centre). Thousands of people met on the basis of skills and not of disabilities. All in the ‘punch’, local recognition smoothly instead of discrimination in pain.

‘Repercussion’ is a fully-fledged band, it rehearses, it creates, we work again on things, discuss, we push analyses, draw conclusions, we listen to music. In dealing with the public after the concerts it also surprises by our knowledge of the percussions, of music, and our ease to beat and discuss.

2. Beautiful and comfortable more than superman job, adventure and not only ‘storefront’

Impassioned by the rhythm and wanting to pass it in the exercise of my profession and having seen their interest in music; with regard to adolescents a question ate me: why should they not enjoy their guitar years, their right to dream? I have therefore launched a workshop music with an idea: I would like this to be an adventure. It was percussion; many children have proved to be find, many were surprising, some showed their true talents.

Drummer certainly, but amateur, I was afraid of not being at the height but was planning to collaborate with schools, and we’ve landed in a community school, in the middle of everyone, we had trouble memorizing but improvisation is overtaking.

The percussion teacher was unaware of disability, and feared a little; we tremendously got on well and Repercussion band expanded.

The ultimate goal has been repeatedly pushed back, going ahead, playing in public but internally, blend in with other groups, playing outdoors, and then play alone without educator, without ‘edubatteur’, then record a CD, and we did not finish!

3. They hit and tap, impressing from stage to stage

A motor principle: pleasure, envy, the in-life, the desire to go further, the desire to be known and recognized. The ultimate goal, we saw, was constantly pushed over away. Recognition, the impact as much as percussion, be – modest dose of course – recognized as a musician, be included in the cultural pages than in the box ‘disability’, generate energy, of the communication of the pleasure. We have every time set the bar a little higher and have often been proud of our work.

We swallow the kms and sandwiches and concerts since 1998, the only thing that has not changed: the gnac! What has most changed are the exchanges after the concerts where each Member is much more participatory and is expressed more on this strange Exchange and this transfer of energy between the audience and the group that represents a concert.

4. Wings, striking and snappy arguments, much solid to punctuate, a lot of solidarity

This action has been possible thanks to the conviction, individual and collective, the belief of the Group and our supporters (friends, parents, professional music or work colleagues, journalists, some policies, public in general). Some stores music or craftsman instrument supporting us, we choose together and have gained little by little – thanks to the inclusion of our project in the project of establishment and associative – varied, original and aesthetic quality equipment. He had to wait and have lost some opportunities due to lack of sufficient resources, but it is especially time which is lacking and the difficulty to bring together several institutions around us.

5. The difference is a plus

We gave concerts, more than 200, sometimes in front of more than 1000 people in major events, with prestigious musicians (Carlo Rizzo), we have ‘taught’ our art in nursery primary secondary schools, from high schools, shows mounted, convinced thousands of people that « the difference is a plus ».

Our original objectives, an adventure (as formulated in the original project) is still valid, but the ambitions were sprayed, then as often said Fredo « we are proud of what we do ».

The limits are due to institutional constraints, management planning, hourly amplitudes and other administrative joys of constraints which, although are assouplies relaxed maximum, still a straitjacket, not to mention the diversity of institutions – Esat, homes, parents, three ways of seeing the world.

Advice to offer? Rely on one’s group, discuss the major decisions, not to change course even if you choose other routes, other means, other paths. « No wind serves to the captain who does not know his destination » Seneca

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