Judy Huett, an Australian Local Hero

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MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Disability advocate Judy Huett, of Burnie, who is an Australian Local Hero Award finalist. Picture: Meg Windram.

SPENDING her life giving a voice to those who have had theirs suppressed, Judy Huett deserves to be an Australian Local Hero Award finalist.

A finalist at tonight’s state presentation of the Australian of the Year Awards, the Burnie resident and disability advocate was overwhelmed to have been nominated, but proud to be representing Tasmania.

While also having an intellectual disability, Mrs Huett leads a life fighting for the rights of her friends and others who don’t have the ability to speak for themselves.

Mrs Huett is a Tasmanian representative on the Our Voice Committee, a member of the Premier’s Disability Advisory Council of Tasmania, volunteers for the Epilepsy Association of Tasmania and other charities, is the immediate past president of the advocacy group Speak Out, and this year became the first person with an intellectual disability to represent Australia at a United Nations hearing in Switzerland into the rights of people with disabilities.

« I have done a lot of work for people with disabilities, as in representing people with disabilities at a local, national and international level, » Mrs Huett said.

A couple of the issues Mrs Huett is passionate about is wheelchair access and the closure of institutions for those with a disability.

« I have friends in these institutions and they don’t get the everyday choices we get, » Mrs Huett said.

She hoped that because she spoke from experience, people would be willing to listen to what she had to say.

« We need to get it out there so people in government and other organisations will listen, » she said.

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