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Who We Are and What We Do

Achievable Behavior Strategies (ABS) provides applied behavior analysis consultation in Las Vegas, NV. We specialize in providing our clients with applied verbal behavior therapy and positive behavioral supports. Our team includes consultants who are highly trained Board Certified Behavior Analysts that strictly adhere to the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) in achieving transformational results for adults and children with autism, intellectual disabilities, and/or developmental disabilities. We foster development through proven ABA programs empirically validated by research.

We implement procedures designed to reduce inappropriate behaviors while increasing equivalent functional behaviors. Challenging behaviors that co-occur with autism will be decreased and eliminated including: physical aggression, self-injurious behavior (SIB), pica, property destruction, and many other behaviors that limit the client’s ability to function independently and achieve his or her personal goals and dreams. Replacement behaviors that serve the same function as challenging behavior will be taught. Such behaviors may include: making a request (for either attention, a tangible item, or a “break”), making a choice, appropriate toileting, social skills training, or other positive skills designed to enhance our client’s quality of life.

Verbal Behavior and Functional Assessment

Based on the research by B.F. Skinner, we provide verbal behavior therapy designed to teach language to children with autism spectrum disorders. Assessment will indicate whether or not vocal speech, sign language, picture communication exchange, or other adaptive devices should be used as a primary mode of communication. Individualized teaching strategies will be taught to address the various functions of language (for example: requesting an item versus labeling an item versus identifying various features of an item, etc.). The curriculum is assessed and modified throughout service delivery using tools empirically validated in the verbal behavior literature.ABA Autism Applied Behavior Analysis Achievable Behavior Strategies

All behavior is functional. This means that at Achievable Behavior Strategies, we take the time to find out the reason why our client’s engage in the behaviors being targeted for change. Challenging behavior is communicative in nature. If the client head bangs in order to escape work demands, we may teach that person how to appropriately request a break instead of head banging. We do not just treat the behavior – we address the underlying cause. Our approach is systematic, measurable, observable, and replicable. Progress will be documented via an individualized data collection system. Data collection, observation, and staff report in multiple settings measure the accuracy and extent to which progress has generalized to other environments (e.g., home, school, work, etc.). We can be described as “hands-on”, taking an active approach in implementing positive behavior support plans and verbal behavior plans using applied behavior analysis. ABA is conducted in various environments in the surrounding Las Vegas area, our client’s with autism and/or other developmental disabilities participate in.

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