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The Visual Arts

ADTI has many Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities who have unique talents in the visual arts. Many of them have dreams of becoming artists who display and sell their art. ADTI is creating a program for the visual artists who will be able to begin producing paintings and ceramic art for sale. They will participate in Arts Fairs and other community events to sell their artifacts and gain experience of what it is like to be an artist. By selling their art in public, the Individuals as artists, have an opportunity to experience a form of inclusion in the community-at-large. Dr. Sky is tireless in her efforts to nurture the creative talents of ADTI’s Individuals.

Dr. Sky opened a multi-faceted art exhibit at ADTI for its 20th anniversary celebration on April 27, 2012. Spanning over 20 years, the exhibit features amazingly beautiful and creative art by ADTI’s Individuals. It also displays photos featuring ADTI’s events, Individuals, quests, quest artists and Therapeutic Noh Theater performances from 1994 up to date showcasing masked Individuals with Differing Abilities in the most beautiful costumes. In addition, the exhibit displays ADTI staff’s and Dr. Sky’s healing mandalas and mandala collages.

White Bird Chinese Princess Chorus and Moon Koken and Chorus Dove and Chorus

Dr. Sky, as she is affectionately called and professionally known, was born in Finland. Her passion for the arts, creativity and spirituality has fueled her life starting at early age. She has developed a multi-faceted method of SohKiDo® (The Way of Transpersonal Creativity) and is the Master Teacher. She is publishing a 5-book series of SohKiDo. Her second book Imaging Your Life, on the subject of the visual arts, is being published in mid 2013 (available at ). Within the last century, mental health and medical professionals have discovered the role of the arts in healing. Dr. Do states that “No one understands that connection between art, creativity and spirit better than Dr. Sky, who is simultaneously a consummate multimedia artist, scholar and creative genius. Her passion is to create in all forms of the arts and spread beauty where ever she is.”

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