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Leisure Options is a Licensed Travel Agent, an Accredited Tourism Business and a full member of the Travel Compensation Fund. Since 1994 the company has been Australia’s leading and favorite provider of supported holidays for people with disabilities.We specialise in providing local, national and international holidays for people with physical and intellectual disabilities, acquired brain injuries, anyone requiring a travel companion, the frail or elderly or families in need of respite support. Leisure Options offers a positive approach in supported travel.

We provide holidays that allow maximum choice, loads of fun, high staffing ratios, a commitment to individual needs and a supportive holiday environment. We cater for all ranges of disabilities from the very independent to those requiring 1:1 support. With our friendly, compassionate and professional tour leaders, you are sure to enjoy a fun-filled, hassle free holiday.

Our client commitment

Leisure Options is committed to providing our clients the highest possible standards of service which ensure fun, inclusive and enjoyable holiday experiences. At all times we strive to achieve best practice and ensure compliance with the Disability Act 2006.

We will achieve our commitment by adhering to our core values to guide our decisions and behaviours:

1.       Inclusion and participation
We support all people with disabilities to have access to holidays where they can choose to participate in activities that will enrich their lives through memorable experiences.

2.       Professionalism

In all dealings with clients, families, staff, the public and others we are adequately trained, proficient in all that we do and conduct ourselves with integrity at all times.

3.       Trust
We demonstrate trust through strength of character, competence and connection with our clients, their families and carers and the wider public.

4.       Fun

We use humour & enthusiasm to instil a sense of fun into day to day life as well  as providing motivation for clients to achieve their dreams whilst away on holidays.

5.       Diversity

We respect the individual differences and abilities of our clients and actively seek to support these differences through our practice and our varied range of holidays. We are open-minded and acknowledge the needs of others at all times.

Our Vision is accessible travel for all.


Leisure Options leads the way for people with disabilities to travel free from barriers.

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