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National Association for Down Syndrome

Meeting the Needs of Adults with Down Syndrome

During the early and mid 1980s, NADS’ primary focus was on education and support to families of children with Down syndrome. However, by the late 1980s we became more aware of the needs of adults with Down syndrome and their families. We received calls from parents whose son or daughter lived at home but had not gone to school and had been hidden within their families. We received desperate phone calls from parents who could not find even basic medical care for their son or daughter. We also found individuals with Down syndrome who had been institutionalized at birth and had no contact with their families – this group of men and women had been moved out of large state institutions into group homes or nursing homes, which in some instances were not much better than the large institutions. We asked ourselves the question – if we don’t help this group of adults who have been shunned and neglected all their lives – who will? We determined that NADS would try, and we set about looking for better ways to serve our adults.

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