Parents’ experience of support in Sweden

Here is a search on the perceived support of parents with intellectual disability children in Sweden:

Parents’ experience of support in Sweden

Its availability, accessibility, and quality

By Herawati I Nowak, Malin Broberg, and Mikaela Starke

Journal of Intellectual Disabilities June 2013 17: 134-144,


Semi-structured interviews were conducted with six parents of children with intellectual disabilities, in the Western region of Sweden. The aim of the study was to explore and to gain a deeper understanding of parents’ experiences of received support for them and their children with intellectual disabilities. We focused particularly on their experiences of the availability, accessibility, and the quality of services. Parents in this study were unsure about what the diagnosis meant specifically for their child as well as for their whole family. Moreover, the parents experienced great difficulty in obtaining information about available services, which resulted in feelings of helplessness to some. Parents also reported that although services are available, they were not easily accessible. Lastly, parents felt that the quality of care and support were to some extent inadequate, as no attention was paid by professionals to their actual needs or wishes.

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